Psychological Methods Lab Receives the 2024 Ammodo Science Award: The Video

TLDR; the video is here.

This week the Psychological Methods Lab received an 800,000 euro Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research. This award was for our entire Psychological Methods group and allows us to develop our joint Open Science research agenda. The logistics was handled expertly by the Ammodo team, from start to finish. Part of the procedure was a video portrait of the main applicants — Dora Matzke, Denny Borsboom, Han van der Maas, and myself. Taping the 5-minute video took a full day, and the result was much, much better than I had expected (and dreaded).  Those with a keen eye will recognize the Bayesian content in there. My only regret is that Dora could not be there for the taping. The video is here.