The drawings in this library are available under a CC-BY license. Unless otherwise stated, please attribute the artwork to Viktor Beekman and the concepts to Eric-Jan Wagenmakers. Click on the image to view it in full resolution.

A Bayesian Wizard

Lucifer Likes P

Sunday Presents

Let’s Spin It!


Let’s Play Darts!

Bayes Bursts The P-Value Balloon

The α = .05 Limbo

When to Consider The Point-Null (concept by E.J. Wagenmakers and Quentin F. Gronau)


The Gelman Kangaroo

Two Gelman Kangaroos

Bayesian Magic

JASP Magic


No Bayesians Inside

Replication Cinderella

Bayes Factors for Research Workers



The Empirical Cycle

Laplace’s Demon

Let’s Poke a Pizza!

God Recommends Bayesian Inference


The Bayesian Inductive Cycle
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