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The drawings in this library are available under a CC-BY license. Unless otherwise stated, please attribute the artwork to Viktor Beekman and the concepts to Eric-Jan Wagenmakers. Click on the image to view it in full resolution.

A Bayesian Wizard

Lucifer Likes P

Sunday Presents

Let’s Spin It!


Let’s Play Darts!

Bayes Bursts The P-Value Balloon

The α = .05 Limbo

When to Consider The Point-Null*


The Gelman Kangaroo

Two Gelman Kangaroos

Bayesian Magic

JASP Magic


No Bayesians Inside

Replication Cinderella

Bayes Factors for Research Workers



Fishing (with text)

The Empirical Cycle

Laplace’s Demon

Let’s Poke a Pizza!


God Recommends Bayesian Inference

The Bayesian Learning Cycle

The Two Faces of Bayes’ Rule*

JASP Coat of Arms


Bayesian Cognitive Modeling

Power Posing

Maximum Diagnosticity
of a p-value (pt. 1)

Maximum Diagnosticity
of a p-value (pt. 2)



Guilt-free peeking at data?

Pythagoras Meets Bayes

Model Averaging Pandemonium**



How Blinding Works (pt. 1)***

How Blinding Works (pt. 2)***

How Blinding Works (pt. 3)***
*Concept by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Quentin F. Gronau.
**Concept by Max Hinne and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers.
***Concept by Alexandra Sarafoglou.
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